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Welcome to the 10th Street Park!

The Tenth Street Park serves a diverse community located in downtown DC near Blagden Alley and the Convention Center. Multi-story condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels and single-family homes surround the park. The park is open daily till sunset.

On any given day you can see visitors taking a break from the hustle and bustle of the city living. Whether it’s enjoying an early morning yoga routine, lunch or a coffee break visitors can relax in the beautiful landscape, smooth sound of the water fountain, fresh air and cheerful chirping of the local birds.

The Friends of the Tenth Street Park ensures the park is well managed, beautifully ornamented with various annual and perennial flowers, trees and shrubs. We are supporting several events during the spring, summer and fall months for the benefit of the local community.


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trickortreat flyer

We’ll be a neighborhood treat station beginning at 6 pm on Halloween! Stop by the park for some treats and prizes!